The Leaf on The Sands

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Hell House (Ellicott City, Maryland)
In one photo I took of my boyfriend inside, there appeared to be a large shadow standing behind him. I went to what we thought was Hell House with a few friends. I asked my boyfriend to repeat what I had said and he told me every word. The teenagers drove by the house, parked nearby both entrances to the road leading up the hill are mysteriously blocked, one by a fallen tree, the other by a mysterious absence of pavement and abundance of overgrowth. Yet the sounds came closer, paws hitting the dirt, chains, and growling, sounded as if the dogs were right up on me, yet I saw nothing. There is an old insane asylum the subject of other true stories and an overall air of energy and the supernatural. If you're a nature lover looking to relax at a affordable resort within a convenient location, The Leaf on The Sands is the perfect place for you!

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