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P.S. Breastmilk is Better Than Any Organic Baby Formula
The website below is run by supplement industry insiders that know the tricks the supplement industry uses to sell you cheap junk at expensive prices. I have a lot of family members who give me hard time about feeding my baby organic and they are always trying to find something that I use against me- so I know this will be one of them. I looked into it from what you have mentioned about it, I was a little confused BC when I went online to natures one it said on one can with DHA ARA on the front of the can , and on the other one it just said dairy but when I clicked on it it says contains fatty acids that convert to DHA and ARA, so is that still good? I want to know abt Bellamy as here it is the only organic formula available. Thanks for this information. I am at a loss. SEO Stats Compare it to

What to Avoid in Baby Formula

I am worried that I am missing something. Nope your not missing anything. People are just weary in general.

Nothing different from the U. I love their free samples too, extra nice of them. Hi again, My daughter was on Holle Stage 1 for her first few months then we switched to Lebenswert Stage 1. She took to both formulas very well! We switched simply because of the maltodextrin. Any thoughts on which one to go with Holle2 or Lebenswert2?

Or for that matter would you recommend another brand altogether for Stage 2 formula? As far as I can tell, Holle and Lebenswert Stage 2 are identical.

Some people choose to just keep their babies on Stage 1 Lebenswert—you could ask your pediatrician. Thank you for your response! Can I have your thoughts on Vermont Organic formula? I am an exclusive pumping momma who is slowly losing her supply and struggling between similac organic or honest company organic, with the recent lawsuit I am not sure what to do.

It has plant-based sweeteners rather than lactose which more closely resembles human breast milk. Great article and comments. I am adopting a newborn in September and the only known health issue of the birth mom is lactose intolerance which affects her whole family. So we would like to be ready for that assuming the child will also be intolerant.

I have finally gotten it in check thanks to a very controlled diet without dairy, soy or gluten so I am very conscientious that you are what you eat and it can affect you long term. Is there a dairy-free low soy option or should we look at goats milk? Again, as your pedi: So that adoption fell through but we did end up adopting a sweet baby boy in July who was quite a bit premature and in the nicu for a month.

Are there any full fat suggestions? Hi Maia, I have to start supplementing my baby with formula and I have been stressing about which to go with. I was so happy to stumble upon your website a month and half ago while searching for a new formula for my baby because she was suffering and I was in desperate need to find something good for her. When i found out how bad Similac and Enfamil where I felt so bad that I had been giving her both of them and understood why she was being extra fuzzy and having these diaper explosions.

Shes been now taking it ever since and loves it. But she recently started having some minor constipation. I read from you here that you have also heard that. So yesterday I decided to order her Stage 1 Lebenswert even though it has lactose I wanted to give it a try since European cows are obviously better than American ones and I also bought a box of the Holle 1 Goats Milk just in case the lactose in Lebenswert still gives her minor constipation. That was my only thing.

Do you have any information on the Plum Organics Formula. I recently switched my infant from Honest Company to Plum Organics as it seems comparable, but sligthly superior due to the fact that it lacks any corn syrup or glucose syrup solids. The only other major difference between the two is that Honest has taken DHA out of their formula and sells it as a separate supplement and the Plum still contains DHA. I was just wondering what your opinion is regarding the Plum Organics.

Hopefully this was a good switch? I think this was indeed a good switch. I finally received Lebenswert 1 from Organic Munchkin and my baby has been drinking it for about a week now and man its been incredible. She has made a complete and is so different, much happier. But this formula has just been a blessing I am so happy I did the research that brought me to you and then Organic Munchkin. She looked up the formula while we where there and looked at our baby and was like wow this is really good stuff you are very lucky to have the parents you have.

She definitely said she would recommend it from now on. I like Plum and lebenswert but both contain Palm oil. Our ped did not recommend. Google what I mentioned earlier and you will see. You can also google FDA infant formula and see what the requirements are. Holle is best, then plum, then earths best. Hi Maia- This is such helpful information! Would love your insight! Have you heard of either? I used to buy from Organic Munchkin…but the formula is kinda of expensive from them.

Awesome totally recommend them. I just saw that HiPP Organic now has soy. At least, their Follow On Milk one. Would you consider this unsafe now? Have you ever reviewed Topfer Pre?

We started feeding our 3 month old Lebenswert which she is doing great on, but I had been concerned about the DHA because our pediatrician told us to get formula that has it. So I have been trying to supplement with the Honest Co. The only downside is the maltodextrin. Hi Maia, Would love your opinion: We are trying to decide between Holle Stage 2 and Topfer for our 6 month old.

And yeah it was hard at first to give to my baby in the dropper but mixing it with her formula has gotten easier. I have been doing some research on both of those companies…. Plum Organics is new on the market and is Good Stuff: I want to know abt Bellamy as here it is the only organic formula available. Should the DHA extraction method be a concern or the fact that it does contain soy and palm soil? For that reason, I want to choose Plum but am looking for your advice compared to the other options available in the US.

When will your review be ready? I need to transition my baby to a stage 2 formula, she has been on Holle Stage 1 since birth, and we are trying to choose a follow up. We have been buying from Organicmunchkin. Bulk pricing, FAST delivery, friendly service. Thank you for this informative and helpful breakdown of formulas.

I have 8 month old twins and at this point they are getting half formula and half breastmilk because of my supply.

I have been reading some UK studies drawing attention to dangerous levels of aluminum in infant formulas like Hipp because of the packaging. I was wondering if you had any insight or opinions on this. You can see what HiPP has to say on the issue here: I check it for everything my family uses now. I try very hard to research what I use for my family, especially for my 4 month old daughter.

What are your thoughts on this? I just wanted to know your thoughts. On a side note, my so lives in Austria and we attempted to have him ship the Lebenswert just for her personal use, and it was a bust. Hi, has anyone heared of milywayorganics. They sell all 3 German formulas. I have asked for a purchase proof and I received an invoice from Netherlands.

I was talking to a guy from the company on Facebook messanger and he explained everything to me, but still, did anyone checked it? As for Plum vs. I started off with enfamil, similac and enfamil gentleness which he hated. I wondering can that happen with organic formula to. I live in South America, my baby always fed Holle Lebenswert and breast milk, more of the former , which we get from Germany, I travelled to the US and had to extend my travel by 4 days, although I had taken an extra box, he finished all of the formula 3 days before we got home.

He simply hated it, The formula smelled a bit like fish, I tasted it, the taste was unbelievably unbearable — gross, tasted like smelly fish, really terrible.

He would not budge, he kept spitting it out, he is 4. Your blog is very helpful and thank you. His pediatrician wants me to switch him to an infant formula because of the iron, calcium and phosphorus level. What do you think? Hi my son is a month old and seems to have a milk allergy. He was on Nutramagin and we saw small bits of red blood in his poop twice. Our Doctor changed us to similac altumitum and I am concerned about the corn syrup etc.

I have though about goat milk? HiPP also makes a hypoallergenic formula called Combiotik. I am going to try it but was wondering if you have any info or comments. Yes, it is marketed for toddlers, but I do know people who give it to their newborns.

At first glance, it looks to be very similar to Holle. Hi — I started ordering Holle 1 from a site called beyond organic baby. I am not sure where I got the website from. Do you know the site and would you recommend? Their products are directly shipped from France. Plum Organics appears to be better than Honest, which is better than the other available options. But as you noted, DHA is extracted from Hexane but is it still better to have that downside than the other downside the other options have?

Yes, I agree with your assessment and ranking of the formulas. But some pediatricians are really not into goat milk formula. I would ask yours. Hi, Thanks for this website and all of the comments. As a new mom researching formula has been a challenge. There are so many out there and I just want to feed my daughter the best.

I wanted to breastfeed her for a year, but she had trouble latching on. I started out with the free samples the hospital gave me of Enfamil for Supplementation until I started to do more research. Until I found this website.

If not then how would you rank it against Plum Organics? And I do need to update that Safe Product Guide. Please note that the Sensitive formula lists corn syrup solids as the very first ingredient. Wanted your input on kabrita goat milk formula. My son is 13 months old and has been weaned onto organic whole milk but I want something with more nutrients and vitamins. I love your blog and really value your opinion and insight! I like that Kabrita uses non-GMO goat milk and has lactose as the primary added carbohydrate.

Kabrita forgoes the most concerning preservatives and most synthetic nutrients they do add L-carninite and taurine. Overall, yes, I like Kabrita: What does that mean? My baby will be four months in five days and i unfortunately need to supplement the majority of his milk with formula. He will only be getting oz of breast milk per day until six months when it will be all formula.

Hi I was wondering when you will be posting your blog on goats milk formula? Would really love your feedback. But really both are great options. Hi Maia I was wondering if you could please help me out. I had to start supplementing because of low milk supply. My son will get 1 to 2 bottles of formula a day and the rest breastmilk.

I loved the pure ingredients and heard goats milk can be easier to digest but I am having a terrible time with my baby getting constipated from it even more so. We added some extra water as the owner said some babies do get constipated with the transition but it has not helped.

He never had this problem before when he was just on breastmilk and he is such a happy,content baby I hate to see him struggling and in pain to have a bowel movement and some days he will go without any. My question is do you know of a formula that babies have done better on who tend to get constipated from formula?

Any input would help. I am working as a content writer , so your articles will help me to write my next project. I am printing this page. Regards Zuly Zonova Owner of http: I love people with no tangible credentials telling others how to make choices based on non-facts. Moreover, criticizing other people whose studies do not fall into their beliefs.

Some many people have become sheep to the public view with no real knowledge. So afraid that their choice will be criticized as wrong or even the mere idea that it is not actually best, that they recoil with a barrage of non-facts to scare off any doubters. Time to wake up. Breast is best people always run to the Antibodies right off the bat.

Fact — the baby gets most antibodies from the placenta. The antibodies from breast milk are Never passed into the blood at all and the actual benefits are overstated.

Fact — the mothers health is not a perfect science. Whatever is being taken in by the mother is likely going to be passed on to the newborn. There is no firm science on how long alcohol stays in the breast milk, nor medications, nor recreational drugs.

The reality is that almost anything a mother puts in her body while breast feeding has a chance of making it into the newborn child. Fact — this is not the same formula from years ago. Over the last years there have been many advancements in both the contents of formula and the varieties available.

I am not a pro formula person per-say. My wife breast fed both children, but she got mastitis and could not feed my youngest well.

I was formula fed and have done numerous tours overseas, never get sick, and feel like I hang with the most intelligent people out there. I am not an expert, but I have read the studies. Some UK publications have gone further to state that it is of no benefit at all.

The truth is in the eye of the beholder. Question, you mention the Similac Organic ready-to-use contains carrageenan, does this also apply to their powdered formula? Would you recommend it? Thank you for this! A helpful collection of the top formulas I was researching. My baby has been EBF now at 8months old, with solids started at 5. I will continue to breastfeed as long as I can, so this is just for supplementation, and he gets tons of great homemade purees. I was feeding babys only whey to my almost 7 month old, but have recently seen you think plum is better..

I love reading this site daily!! Thanks for your kind words: Thanks to your page I was able to find the best option possible for my baby since my milk dried up. We buy it from Organic Munchkin and they have been wonderful. They are now advertising a new formula that they have just been able to import, Topfer brand.

They said its the best of the best and I was wondering what you thought of it. My little one will be 6 mo in Oct so we will be changing to stage 2 soon and I was thinking of making the switch, but was wondering about your input.

Thanks for everything, you are my go-to site for all my baby needs. I have changed so many things for the better thanks to you. Hi Maia First off, I am so, so appreciative of all of the information on this website. From everything that I have read it sounds like Lebenswert is the best. Thanks for your input! Thank you so much for posting this information! I was able to breastfeed my first baby 12 months and bypassed formula completely, but my supply is dropping at 9 months with baby number two, and I had no idea where to start on what to look for, and not a lot of time to spend researching.

That link to the report on DHA was very enlightening and infuriating. Ugh, such great information but so hard to make the right AND economical choice. Both of my boys fell into danger around 3 months exclusively breastfed, amidst a plethora of feeding problems both on their end and mine, and we had to resort to formula both times.

I have an order of 6 cans coming in tomorrow! This is a toss-up. Which would be better: Anyone know how long the shipping times are? For this reason, I am heavily leaning towards the Holle Goat. Sorry- I answered my own question. This would put it into Sneaky Stuff, I assume. You should definitely check with your pediatrician, but if it were my baby and was doing well on goat formula, I would porbably try Holle or Kabrita.

I did look into these. It also contains glucose syrup solids. My source was the main Kabrita website. I also wondered if you knew what type of starch corn, wheat, potato and if the added lactose is dairy-based in the Holle and HIPP formulas. What do you think of Pure Bliss by Similac? It contains lactose as the sweetener, which is a happy surprise: Thank you so much in advance for your help! Meanwhile, before I started researching any of this I gave my own son regular old Enfamil when he was an infant!

Thank you Maia, I appreciate it!! Also, soy is terrible for anyone, including children. It has been proven just google it to cause reproductive issues because of its estrogen content, among other things.. Babies have to eat. She was on Enfamil for her first 4 days while we were in the hospital and seemed to do OK on that but we wanted to switch her to something more Organic at home. The doctor said not to worry yet but we were wondering if you have any suggestions for how to proceed.

Should we 1 Ride it out for a while longer to see if she adjusts 2 Change to another formula like Honest or 3 Try to add something to the formula like a probiotic to see if that help. Heard that she may be to young to add a probiotic to the formula though. Any advice you can offer would be great. I do know that constipation is really normal at her age—even among breastfed babies.

If it were my baby I might try experimenting with another Good Stuff formula—Kabrita and Plum Organics are two that you could run by your pediatrician: Hello everyone, If anyone is looking to try Holle Stage 1… I have one box that I purchased thru organic munchkin if you want at no charge.

I transitioned my LO to Lebenswert a while ago and did not realize I had a box of Holle stage 1 left. He saw all sorts of specialists including neurologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, and list goes on. We still do not have answers on the cause. He did very well at first and I was so happy with the formula. First signs showed soon after: These symptoms seem pretty benign and common his pediatrician was not worried.

He has been on low calcium formula since. Even their online comparison charts show the level of calcium is way higher than other formula and even breast milk. I was shocked to read another baby had similar story like mine due to hypercalcemia on same formula. That mother was told by the doctors that it was due to the formula. My gut was right. The address and the company was bogus as the package came right back to me since no one was there to claim the package even after I let the vendor know I was shipping it back since he never followed upon his word to send me a rerun shipping label since no one has ever requested to ship back.

I looked up the address on Google and it was some apartment complex. We need to have this conversation with our kids doctors and go based on solid evidence based science and recommendations.

Thanks for the info. I hope your LO gets well soon. What do you think about the new Similac formulas, Pro-Advance and Pro-Sensitive, that were just introduced which contain a prebiotic claimed to be like those found in breast milk? Thanks for the really in-depth article! It is super helpful as we are needing to switch over to formula. My son had some pretty intense medical issues recently and developed issues with breastfeeding, so we are needing to supplement to help him gain weight.

This was in part because it seemed a little better than some of the others, and also the convenience as it is sold at our local store. My question is, you mentioned that this formula contains carrageenan? Is there another name it is hiding under? Or what about Plum Organics? Any help is appreciated.

First ingredient is brown rice syrup instead of milk! Contains Taurine likely processed with sulfuric acid and aziridine , and soybean oil! After a few other formulas which were not so great, my baby has been having it since he was an infant and he is very happy and healthy!

Are there any ready-to-made formulas that would be acceptable other than the European brands? Hi and I also missed out on thanking you in my below comment as well, so sorry! I have loved your site and you for the conscientiousness and care you put into keeping everything on it [and us] updated! I have revised it a number of times.

Again, I just truly want to thank you so much for everything you do! Thanks so much for the kind words. I wish I could help with this question, but since I am not a medical professional, I feel like I need to defer to your pediatrician on the specific nutritional needs of your child at various ages. Hello, has there been any new formulas since this article was originally written in that would be at the top of the article if it were written now?

We just started our 5 month old on baby only organic dairy yesterday. I just want to make sure she is getting the best. Also, thank you for taking the time you research, write the article and respond to the hundreds of questions! Also, I recently reviewed all the goat milk brands: My baby has a cows milk intolerance. How does this compare to the Pure? Would you recommend one over the other?

Or non at all…. My baby will be 10 months old in a few days and is not so interested in nursing anymore witch witch is causing a drastic drop in my supply. She eats a full diet of solids but I know she should have more breastmilk or formula. I am a fan of the Holle brand from what I can read about it. This sounds like something you should take up with your pediatrician.

As long as baby is getting around 16 oz. But again, pedi knows best! We are a vegan family. I certainly know people who use this formula for their infants, and nutritionally it meets the requirements. My advice is to have your pediatrician take a look and weigh in. I hate using soy but: She also has been weaning. It is very expensive and sadly, I need another alternative.

Also, what do you know about Plum Organics? I agree you should run the ingredients by your pediatrician to make sure they meet the requirements for your baby. I know you picked Holle as your top pick. Can you do a review of the plum organics.

I wanted to know your thoughts on Earths Best vs Plum Organics. And she has her baby on holle. I do not want to supplement but have to because my supply is tanking. And that is not good for my son. I will still be BF as much as I can. Holle does not contain any soy ingredients. I recommend seeing your pediatrician and going over the best options for supplementing.

You could also look into the relatively new formula from Plum Organics, although this also contains soy oil! Due to continuous ear infections we have recently removed dairy to see if this helps. Any recommendations on a formula? Any advice is appreciated. What about goat milk formula? It is the highest rated, reviewed and bought baby formula right now. I buy it regularly here cheapest offer available right now: Any recommendation for a dairy and soy free formula? Doctor suggested similac alimentum but not crazy about the ingredients..

HiPP sells a hypoallergenic formula called Combiotik that may be worth a try. I would still check with your pediatrician to make sure this is a good alternative for your baby. But my question is, is this type of formula safe for my 3 month old???

She was always breastfed and never had formula and neither did any of my other 4 children they all were only breastfed and when I got sick my milk dried up so now I had to get formula for my 5th baby and I know nothing about formulas at all! This is all brand new to me and a whole new other world! So is this formula safe for my 3 month old? Or would yourecommend goats milk instead?

I would recommend you see your pediatrician to find out what would be best for your baby. I think this is Okay Stuff based on my cursory research. I will address this more when I update the Safe Formula Guide soon! Maia, thank you so much for doing the research and saving me so much time.

What do you know about hemp milk? My supply is starting to slow down and my husband wants to supplement with hemp milk and switch to hemp milk completely when I can no longer produce. Can hemp milk be used in place of formula? We have preemie twins that are now 5 months old.

Congrats on your babies and best of luck! Hi, We are using Similac Advance sold in Canada: Is there something we are missing? This version is sweetened with lactose, which is awesome! Thanks for bringing to my attention.

My daughter drinks Holle level one, she is with her grandparents this weekend a I forgot to pack them a scoop. If anyone out there uses this too, what is the volume of that scoop?

For now grandma is using a level table spoon. Maia, do you recommend switching to Stage 2 or 3 as babies get older? Do they have different nutrition levels that are more appropriate for babies nearing 1 year? I have been giving my daughter Lebenswert Stage 1 since she was 2 months and we have absolutely loved it. She is now 9 months and I was just about to place my usual reorder and noticed that on Organic Munchkin the description of Lebenswert Stage 1 recommends using it till 6 months and then switching to stage 2.

But I see Stage 2 has maltodextrin instead of lactose… what are your thoughts on that? I just love how hard you work at helping us mamas do the best we can for our babes. Also he mentioned recent research showing baby skin care products or breathe-easy rubs like Maty's and The Honest Company's containing lavender are raising estrogen levels in babies.

Guessing you already know that but it was a shock to me, considering how many products out there for babies contain it for "calmness" and to help them sleep. Hi there and thanks so much for your kind words! I know people who do both successfully—switch to Stage 2 or stay with Stage 1 because of that vexing maltodextrin.

Trying to get an idea of which category you think it falls into. We are working on an updated Safe Formula Guide and it will include this one. It should be live in February! Roughly when in February? We are due the day before yesterday and trying to choose a safe formula. The only one for which that is true is the Whey protein formula for sensitive stomachs. Nonfat milk is second. I saw that too! Unfortunately it still has the DHA and soy, for one thing.

I would like to know if there is any information on what probiotics are recommended now. Would you maybe think about doing a review for Australian products? Hello I wanted to know your thoughts about Plum Organics? Would you rather go with Best Organic Formula? Thanks so much for this! We are looking for the purest, cleanest, safest formula too. Do you think this is ok now?

Will include a more thorough investigation when we update this guide in early March. I know you are updating all the details in March but I really need to know now to make the decision for my baby….

If it was for your baby, out of all the current formulas here in the US, which one would you pick? Thank you soooo much!!!!! Looking forward to your updated guide in March. What do you know about ordering Holle from Beyondorganic. I am recently needing to supplement and ordered a box to see how my son does. I am still breastfeeding morning and night.

Due to some milk supply issues, I started supplementing formula when my daughter was about 4 months old. It has the best ingredients and was rated the highest, and I thought the price was quite reasonable. Can any of these brands be made ahead of time and stored for up to 24 hours?

The organic munchkins site implies that this is not possible in its instructions section. It only has FDA approval for toddlers. Any good resources for ensuring she gets proper nutrition while consuming plant based milk?

I have limited bandwidth for very academic materials but would appreciate any sound practical advice or other educational resources. Hi Lily- Would you consider goat milk? I can tell you, however, that my first-born had pretty much zero interest in solid foods until he was 18 months old although he was still nursing , and I never really found a way to get him to eat. I wish I had just chilled out about it rather than stressing so much!

Overall, I think you would benefit most from a holistically-minded pediatrician you trust. Thank you so much!!! Hi im wondering what your thoughts on similac pure bliss are? I am hoping to use natures only but am waiting to see the pediatrician next. Im looking for a second option if that one does not work out for us. Would love to know what you think. My son was born 6 weeks early and despite trying everything I could for 3 months, he would never latch. My pediatrician has recommended trying a soy formula.

Hello, my daughter has a breast-milk allergy which we were never able to resolve so has had to move onto a hypoallergenic amino-acid formula Nutricia Neocate Infant Formula. After reading your guide, I am worried about whether this formula is safe or not. But either way, would like your unbiased feedback on it. Out of all of the formulas, what is your current favorite today if you had to pick one for your child?

My peditrician doesnt recommend Hipp because she knows nothing about it and wants me to use Gerber. What do I do??? What do you think of the Happy Baby organic Infant formula? I saw somewhere before on your blog where you described how you prepared your formula, with a bottle warmer instead of boiling water to kill any bacteria. Can you explain how to use the bottle warmer instead of boiling water for me.

Oh, it must have been another comment! Hi, thank you so much for this post. It was very helpful! So now I find myself scouring the internet searching for a safe infant formula. I started with Earths Best because that was the only infant formula my local grocery store offered. Does anyone know what the ratio of palm oil to other oils in the Holle and Lebenswert?

Hi Maia — I just saw that Happy Baby came out with a formula. Hi Maia, thank you so much for this article. You spoke mostly of the other vendor. Munchkin sells lebenswert formula a lot cheaper so I was debating on whether to order from them or not vs the other company you recommended. You seemed to like the other one better. Can you give me more info on Munchkin? I have a EBF 6 month old. With my supply dropping, I fear I will need to switch to formula soon. Please help me chose! Am I missing it, or are you still working on it?

Thanks for your part in helping all of us moms do the best we can for our kiddos! When did they introduce this one? My son is 6 months old and I was told at Organic Start, that it is recommended to use Stage 2, even though Stage 1 is fine. I had been using Lebenswert Stage 1. However, Lebenswert Stage 2 contains Maltodextrin.

Looking at this chart is supposed to help, but it is making me more confused and anxiety stricken. My 6 month old son has acid reflux. It is a completely organic formula straight from Switzerland.

My son loves it and thrives on it. Bimbosan just released Acid Reflux formula. They also sell paps. I purchase this formula directly from Switzerland from Swiss Baby Brew company. Due in September and looking forward to your formula update! My daughter was born in August and sadly I had struggled with breastfeeding multiple issues and had to supplement. My first choice was, obviously, donor breastmilk. But after we were unable to find a long-term donor I realized we needed to go to formula.

I agonized over what type to buy. By this time, I realized that she was taking after me. My mother had to make my own formula when I was a baby because everything constipated me. Thank you again for working to hard to provide useful information for those of us trying to raise healthy children! Could you please tell us a bit more about this retailer, including your process for vetting this company? Hi, my baby boy has 3 months and he is lactose intolerant. Which is the best formula for him?

We prefer not to give him soy based formula. My baby is currently 5 mos. I was exclusively breastfeeding but my milk supply has gone way down since starting work again.

I have had to supplement with formula. Our son has been somewhat colicky and fussy since the introduction of formula. Also, how long should you trial one type of formula to see if it will work for your baby? Hi I can really use your help. My son 1 year old suffers from bad stomach pain and gas. I would really appreciate if u can recommend something that u think will be easy on his stomach with no added sugar because we think he got Yeast Overgrowth.

Your web site is a big help for me!!! Can you advise how many ounces a box of Lebenswert makes? So I am not sure if I am not doing a conversion right or something. Thank you for all your research!!! It has helped so much. From reading through the literature on organic infant formulas, it seems Holle Stage 1 Lebenswert is the best option.

Can you site any scientific literature on the oils and their affects on babies used in Holle Stage 1L? Also, I do not see the nutrition label on the Holle package, does it contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth as defined by the USDA? Is the fat and protein content the same as most American formulas? Do we know how brown rice syrup affects insulin response and blood sugar levels in babies?

Also, does Baby Only have more or less sugar than regular formula? My little guy, 6 months old, does not tolerate dairy or soy if I eat them. I am not able to keep up with him recently and our freezer supply is dwindling, so we need to find a formula. I noticed she was very fussy so I assumed she had a reaction to dairy.

I noticed she was a lot less fussy. However, at the same time I stopped taking fenugreek my baby drinks breast milk and I supplement with formula when needed. Meaning if she likes the Lactorelief just keep giving her that. Thank you so much! Hello I have a 12 month old who has a milk allergy. She also has an allergic reaction to almond milk so I have no idea what to switch her on now that she is 1.

I could put her on coconut milk but it lacks some of the nutrients she needs. She is also teething and refuses food often. I am at a loss. However, This is the very first ingredient in it! When will the updated guide be released? Plum stand up to brands like Holle and Hipp. I did all of my research and thought I was doing right. We are starting foods, and keeping formula to oz of formula at this point.

Please let me know what to do. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Similac Pure Bliss. I know it is not organic, but I like that it has lactose vs. Having a hard time deciding which is more important to me. The girls were too gassy and in pain on the Neosure so the pediatrician recommended Similac Alimentum. They are still gassy but better. So what would you deem the very best one of them all for an 18 month old?? I read through all the comments but I wanted your opinion on choosing one.

I hated putting him on nutramigen but had no choice. Thank you for the updated info on formula! However, when i noticed that there are also lebenswert stages 2 and 3 that made me wonder if there is something in those that an older infant would need i know they have maltodextrin and i want to avoid that.

She takes in very little breast milk in a day probably max 15 oz but is thriving and chunky. It seems unclear, however, if this really matters, as many babies do fine on level 1. Thanks for the updated guide!! Unfortunately I can only find similac and enfamil in liquid forms.

We ended up using similac organic ready to feed. We asked our pediatrician if there was a difference in ingredients in ready to feed vs powdered versions and she said no they should be the same but also said that a lot of parents complain of the same digestive issues with the powdered formula. Any insight on ingredient difference between powdered vs ready to feed? I have not found it to be true that powdered and liquid are the same.

Often, the ready-made contains additives like carageenan. Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Thank you for the such helpful article, esp for moms who face issue to choose the best for their babies after the breast of course.

Please advise by any chance did you research if Kabrita is using hexane extration method for dha and ara added to the formula? Thank you for your diligence. I came to your website a year ago looking for information on the best soy formula I could give my daughter since we were out of options even all of the hypoallergenic formulas now contain hydrolyzed milk protein.

If I was in the same place again today looking for answers on soy, your updated guide would not have the information I was seeking. You may consider putting a note under your review of Kabrita Goat Milk toddler formula. Its packaging is a bit deceiving as it is marketed as goat milk formula not goat milk formula with cow milk proteins.

A few months ago, I picked up a can in Whole Foods to look for an allergy statement and I am glad that I did. Sure enough, Kabrita is not suitable for infants and toddlers with a cow milk protein allergy. It too, contains hydrolyzed milk protein. It may help sensitive bellies, but beware if you have a child with a true milk protein allergy.

PS I also found the old list much easier to navigate in terms of grouping all milk based together, soy based together, and other like goat milk together. Thanks for your feedback! Just so everyone is clear…. It is worth asking each manufacturer the country of origin for their USP United States Pharmacopeia synthetic vitamins and minerals. Almost all synthetic vitamins are coming from China since they dominate the market.

Very few manufactures use non-Chinese vitamins because the cost can be much higher however there are a few supplies out there if companies choose to source from somewhere else besides China. Use the chart in the link below to understand how to spot synthetic and natural nutrients on a label.

This is critical for probiotics and a real flaw in the supplement industry that some are trying to correct. See the link below for more insight. The website below is run by supplement industry insiders that know the tricks the supplement industry uses to sell you cheap junk at expensive prices. I see your updated list, but curious about your thoughts on the Munchkin Grassfed formulas.

Currently only stage 2 for toddlers is on market but supposedly stage 1 newborn to 1 out soon. My son, Jacob has been on Bimbosan Swiss formula since he was about two months old. Jacob was born at 35 weeks and weighed 3 lbs At first, not knowing any better, I gave him enfamil gentle ease as per my pediatrician because he had a terrible acid reflux.

As a first time mom, unable to breastfeed I only breastfed Jacob for two weeks while he was in the hospital I was completely devastated and felt incredibly guilty. According to Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, Babynes. It seems that the number of visitors and pageviews on this site is too low to be displayed, sorry. Metadata Updates Get more Babynes. General Get more Babynes. Social Metrics Get more Babynes. IP Whois Get more Babynes. Safety status of Babynes. Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe.

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