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Raw Eggs vs Protein Powder
Only a calorie deficit will do that. A after sleeping to stop catabolism and a whey and milk protein mix post work out for rapid uptake to start healing process and longevity of drip feeding through the casein. Just want to get healthy and skinny. Best Supplements for Protein Synthesis. Dairy farms large industrial ones tend to separate baby calves from their mothers, and feed them with grass or grains instead. Either way, whey protein is definitely the protein source that is most often recommended for this meal.

One secret ingredient in whey that causes breakouts

What is the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

Bodybuilding legend Vince Gironda advocated consuming 36 raw eggs a day as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. More eggs, more morning wood every time. Aside from that, my body and many others do very well with eggs as a staple alongside other meats, and of course veggies.

This can be a legit issue depending on what is available in your area, and I understand. This is one of the reasons I bought meat and egg birds — to help mitigate the costs of eating meals that are substantially filling yet still healthful. I know you guys can relate — given free reign, we may take down a dozen eggs a day between fried eggs, hardboiled eggs, and raw egg smoothies!

As outlined above, eggs are one of the worlds healthiest foods. This has to be factored into the equation. Also, many protein powders contain things that you may not want to eat — like soy and artificial flavors. For myself and plenty of others, it is such a great staple of protein, fats and other nutrients that it makes protein powders completely unnecessary. Have you ever felt sick? I am very confused, about biotin deficency, I do the same cocoa smoothie, because i like it.

For a while I was eating raw eggs a day in smoothies. I think I even did 10 once or twice without any issues. And for the biotin deficiency. I generally eat more cooked eggs than raw so I am not concerned about that. Today I made a strawberry, banana, mango smoothie with a couple raw eggs blended in. I am trying to lose the weight and build muscle. Is the high-glycemic starchy banana necessary for muscle recovery or just a food that helps make this smoothie delicious?

By the way, I am so glad I found someone on the internet who writes about a muscle-building nutrition approach that is simple and does not advocate for whey powders.

Ugh, even if I wanted to buy some whey, it is so difficult to find whey that has clean ingredients. I mean, natural flavor? Although it helps recovery, the banana is mostly used here for flavor. Peanut butter and banana is one of my favorite food combinations. Other, non-sugary foods that are high in potassium include spinach and avocados.

I bet you could get the best of both worlds by using foods like those in a smoothie in place of banana. IMO avocado and egg would pair well. Super smooth, creamy, with lots of great fats and protein. I wonder if eggs are not more anabolic than whey, for the cholesterol, which now we now with studies is not that bad for our cholesterol and in fact even good for people doing intense training like body-building, because with intense training, cholesterol tends to drop, which is not good for testosterone.

Is there a study that compares both whey vs full eggs, not just the white for testosterone levels? I have not seen such a study yet but would put my money on eggs. You are on the right track with cholesterol IMO. Well, think of protein powder as a much quicker and much more convenient version of those types of foods. You just mix some form of protein powder whey, casein, etc.

Where the benefits lie are with protein itself. Protein powder just so happens to provide that protein in a high quality, tasty, low calorie, convenient form. So basically, a sufficient daily protein intake is an absolute requirement for overall health, building muscle, maintaining muscle while losing fat, keeping you full and satisfied, and helping you naturally burn more calories each day.

Protein powder itself just serves as a super quick , convenient and easy way of ensuring you consistently eat your ideal amount of protein per day which is the true key to actually getting the benefits listed above. You take a scoop, pour in some type of liquid, mix for a few seconds no blender needed and drink. And besides just making it easier for you to consume the right amount of protein each day, there are certain times when protein powder may have some advantage over a normal high protein food.

So yes, it definitely works. Everything else is always bullshit. Protein powder is definitely more of a food than it is a supplement. A pound of grass-fed ground beef is my favorite post-workout meal. If you try to hack your body with whey protein, you risk getting acne.

Take the long view! Would you rather gain 2 pounds of muscle a week and get loads of acne, or gain 1 pound a week and have clear skin? Bulletproof coffee is a great morning calorie bomb. You can blunt the insulin response of these foods with a few tricks. For white rice, add some rice vinegar plain, not flavored.

For potatoes, steam them instead of baking them — that will lower the glycemic index significantly. Coconut oil should be all over your daily menu. Steaming sweet potatoes is a great option — if you can steam a bunch at once, you can mash it, then mix in several TBSP of coconut oil and a bunch of cinnamon to blunt the insulin spike , then refrigerate it. Instead of peanut butter, go for almond butter. It is definitely more expensive, but generally a lot easier on your skin.

Organic, nixtamalized corn tortillas are also a decent way to pack in some extra calories. Also, you could try working some ground lamb into your diet. Eat more red meat. Eat more canned fish but not tuna. Eat more fat coconut oil, olive oil, etc. Yes, egg white protein is considerably more expensive than whey. Also, if you go for egg white protein, avoid the ones with soy lecithin e.

You could also try sprouted brown rice protein, or an equivalent vegan alternative e. The 1 exercise you can do for overall strength and mass development is the squat. The barbell squat, that is. There are really only five exercises you need to do to get a complete, whole-body workout that most gym-goers dream of:. Whey comes from milk. Milk comes from dairy farms. Dairy farms large industrial ones tend to separate baby calves from their mothers, and feed them with grass or grains instead.

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