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However, some research suggests there are levels of inorganic arsenic present in rice bran. I love that these muffins have so little sweetener in them — the fruit makes them sweet enough and I feel good about eating them! These muffins look delicious! This is so wonderful! I want to make a second batch with apricot and peaches.

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Blackberries?

Nonfat milk, with 80 calories a cup, makes a better choice than whole milk, which has calories a cup. If you can't tolerate cow's milk, almond milk makes a low-cal choice, with 90 calories per cup. If you like your cereal sweet, you might add a spoonful or two of sugar to your flakes, but 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar adds 45 calories, 12 grams of sugar and no fiber.

On the other hand, sliced fruit adds natural sweetness to your bowl of cereal along with some extra fiber. One cup of sliced strawberries adds only 50 calories and 3 more grams of fiber.

To really pack in the fiber consider raspberries, which have 50 calories and 6 grams of fiber per cup. While eating cereal can help people lose weight, it works best when part of an overall healthy weight-loss diet. A good weight-loss plan helps you reduce calorie intake without cutting major food groups or severely restricting your calories.

This means eating not only cereal, milk and fruit, but also vegetables, lean sources of protein such as poultry, fish and beans, and healthy fats such as olive oil and nut butters. A good weight-loss plan also limits your intake of non-nutritious foods such as cookies, cakes, fast food and soda. For example, you might eat a bowl of wheat bran flakes for breakfast, and then have a healthy and balanced lunch and dinner, and another bowl of cereal as a snack.

Eating two bowls of wheat bran cereal a day ups your fiber intake to 14 grams, meeting nearly half your daily needs for weight loss. Video of the Day. How to Eat Wheat Bran. Losing Weight With Frosted Flakes. Wheat Bran and Constipation.

Foods High in Wheat Bran Fiber. Shredded Wheat for Weight Loss. Nutrition Information for Post Raisin Bran. Nuts free of charge to create these recipes. I just tried my hand at making my own granola yesterday…and boy, let me tell you, once you make your own you will never go back!

Of course, you probably already knew that. I was expecting a huge list of links to a dozen or more websites but the combination of two recipes plus add in fruits and nuts is simple and perfect!

I love what you did and too cool that you got to review oh nuts! They have a ton of stuff you could never find at the store — bulk watermelon seeds, really?! I never thought of making my own cereal. Your cereal recipe sounds amazing, and looks so pretty too. What a fun read, smiled all the way through nodding vigourously in agreement. Julie, you are so clever! I used to make my own granola from a Moosewood Restaurant cookbook.

My favorite flavor was chocolate cherry: Chocolate cherry sounds amazing! I want to be a cereal woman too. It never occurred to me to make bran flakes, what a fun idea. My daughter might think I went off the deep end though. I love this idea. How many times do I look at cereal boxes and think that I would get one kind if only it also had this in it… or what if this had a little less sugar and a little more bran and protein….

And I completely love that you made bran flakes, and I am going to make them. I hope you love them, Megan! I love your idea of custom cereal! How practical to have a cereal buffet when there are lots of people in your house and everybody likes something different. I just started making my own granola this summer, but have never made bran flakes. What a great idea! This was my first granola, Betty, and it was definitely a good one! Maybe it sounds weird, but I think some crisp fresh apples or sliced banana might be good in there, too.

Kaitlin, I think that sounds amazing! The crunch of the apples would be perfect. I really enjoyed reading your post. I make my own granola but have never even considered making my own bran flakes. After reading your post I will have to give it a try. This is amazing, Julie. I Love, Love, Love cereal and sometimes even have it for dinner.

Not to mention, the prices of a box of cereal have sky-rocketed so this is definitely a good option to not only get what you want, but save money! And love you for including nutritional info! I knew the healthy bloggers would appreciate the nutritional info!

Thanks so much for the link. I had to read this post three times before I finally found it. I will try to return the favor. I do love your blog. Your photography is the best! Just found your site via tweet from steamykitchen- yeah! Love the idea of homemade cereal flakes. I am for sure going to try alkalize this recipe with spelt bran and almond milk. If you like homemade breakfast ideas you might like my last post with cinnamon quinoa.

Thanx for the inspiration Julie. What a wonderful idea, Julie, to make your own customizable cereals!!! I buy bran flakes all the time, but no more!! Thanks so much again! Hope you love the cereal! Thanks so much, Julie!

Love the idea of customising your cereal and having such a variety to choose from. I was just musing to myself during my morning drive that cereal is one of the few things that I love to eat that I have no idea how to make from scratch. Then today I stumble across this wonderful post. This is definitely going into my to-be-cooked pile. YOU are a cereal superwoman! And dare I say, a granola genius?!

I was pondering my cereal choices and wishing it were possible to diy. This is a great idea! You are so innovative! By the way, all last night I was literally dreaming all night long of making those bran flakes.

I was going to make them this afternoon too but I ran out of time. I added some raisins to them when I was done and they really hit the spot. If you want to see my bran flakes, just click on the link below.

My Bran flake stuck like crazy to the pan after the first time in the oven, and it was a big mess. Any ideas what for next time?

Thank you so much for posting this, your method worked wonderfully well! I like to make all those things that the cereal companies make, since they add way too many chemicals and unnecessary things to theirs. For an example, I bought Fiber One the other day, only to discover that it was sweetened with Sucralose.

Already made up my mind that I am not eating Sucralose what started out as a pesticide recipe on a regular basis.

Home-made cereal is awesome! This is so wonderful! I can handle the 2 TBSP your bran flake recipe called for. We have a child with nut allergies though… so… do you have any idea if I could substitute regular flour for the nut flour and still come up with the right end?

I would love to know! As for the nut flour, though, I have no idea! This website suggested maybe coconut flour: And this website says flax meal is a good substitute in a 1: If you do find a good substitute, please let me know! I make my own granola, crackers, kombucha, salad dressings, desserts, etc…but your cereal varieties take the cake! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

My husband is undergoing testing for a heart condition and with all the additives that are in foods these days it makes you wonder if all this crap we are eating is really good for you. I know what you mean! I hope doctors get some clarity about his condition. Thank you, thank you , thank you. You so rock my world right now. You inspire women from all walks and make them want to make life better for them and there families. We have many different food allergies and diet restrictions at our house and I have been looking for a way to customize things without spending a ton.

I am dying to alter your recipes to make them gluten free. My kids will love having more variety to our cereal options! Thanks for shedding light on the simplicity of making cereal! I love that aspect of it — it puts you in control of your cereal choices!

As for the cherries, do they have canola oil on them? I find that canola oil has a bit of an unpleasant, fishy taste sometimes. I have one question though, how long will the bran and granola be good for? Thank you so much for this recipe!!!

Charlotte, what a sweet comment! And what an inspiration, giving up processed foods! Kudos to you all!! Wow, this is what I love about blogs! Thank you soooo much!

I thought I was the only one crazy enough to want to make cereal at home. You read my mind! After finding the bran flakes recipe I started craving some good ole fashioned Golden Grahams. I would love to have a recipe for those as well! Where are there more? I personally favor the granola, though I have honestly taken to eating granolas strictly for dessert. Anyone known any Gluten free flake type cereal recipes. I would appreciate any help. Try using maple syrup instead of sugar!

Thank you so much For pursuing this dream and for posting it. I have been hunting for good cereal recipes for gluten free people like myself, this has given me the basics to make magic. I am using the basics of your bran flakes without the bran o wheat and making a vanilla coconut almond flake. Made with desiccated coconut instead of bran, and corn meal instead of whole wheat flour. Adding 1 tbls vanilla to the milk. What comes out is a beautiful cereal. I was wondering if you know of anyone who has done this vegan and substituted something else for the milk?

I am looking forward to trying this! Not that I can remember, but I bet a nice almond milk would work! Please let us know if you try it! I feel like store-bought cereal is such a scam! So much money for such a small amount! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! You can make bunches with a sack of bran and almond meal, etc. You may want to multiply the recipe, though, because each batch only makes about 4 bowlfuls.

Just made both of these recipes and am excited about the success. I only did the first cooking part in the oven and then finished it in my dehydrator. Thanks for these ideas! I found you on Pinterest!! What a fabulous idea! I have been making my own granola for years primarily for my husband. My boys were never great fans for it especially after the first few months.

I do think having a variety of yummies at hand for them to choose from would definitely help. I love the bran flakes idea. Would anyone have any suggestions in how to make this gluten free or a recommendation of a substitute for wheat?

I am trying to stay away from white flour. I appreciate any advice! Thanks again for the great website! Thanks so much for the bran flakes recipe. I love it and it was so easy. I made yogurt raisin bran with it and I did a piña colada granola from the granola recipe I use adding piña colada flavoring. Enjoyed the article about homemade breakfast cereals. I just wanted to ask whether you have a list of the add-ins such as fruits and nuts etc that you combine to make the different cereal varities.

Tresa, I used dried blueberries, dried cherries, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, and marshmallows for mine — along with the bran flakes.

So excited to try these! I can also make an approximation of Honey Bunches of Oats, which are my hubbies favorite! Last one, I promise. I hate it when my favorite cereal is discontinued. If I could replace my lost favorites, that would be awesome. So so want to make the Bran flakes both for me and for my kids but when I went to the store I could not find Bran or Almond flour.

And might I also recommend multiplying the recipe? I am a mom of a large family and breakfast cearal is a luxary for us. Im so excited to try it. I am so going to make it right now. I hope you love it!! Especially if your house is big on cereal, you might want to multiply the recipe a few times to make enough.

Ahh yum I love combining cereal! Just wondering for the bran flakes, is the sugar necessary? I just tried making the bran flakes…mine stuck to the parchment paper. Any suggestions to keep it from sticking? Are you sure you used parchment paper and not wax paper? I did grab the wax paper instead of the parchment paper…. The ones I were able to get off the wax paper were delicious though!!

Next time I will remember to slow down! Thanks so much for the bran flakes recipe! This looks so wonderful. As for Smores cereal, did you know you can make your own marshmallows? Your blog is beautiful and deeply inspiring!

Hey Julie, i made both the bran flakes and granola. They turned out oh so yummy and satisfying. Just like you, one morning while eating my cereal I had the idea of making my own cereal.

The search got me to your website and I am glad I tried yours. I am not going back to store bought cereal. Thank you so much. As I mentioned in the post: If you pick up a couple of your favorite add-ins nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits, fresh fruits, etc. So I might have missed something, how do you make Smores cereal? Way back over 10 years ago when I first got married, I lived 30 minutes from the nearest store.

I tried making cereal, and after a couple of failed batches I quit. Now it seems like there are more and more homemade cereal recipes circulating. I thank you for going through the time and effort to perfect some good recipes. Maybe now I can finally get some good cereal. I think your nutrition information is off for the granola. With a teaspoon of kosher salt in there, there are at least mg of sodium per serving, not as stated.

Some of us are on restricted sodium diets and keeping the sodium content accurate is crucial. Other than that this sounds really good! Thanks for the correction. I provide nutritional info only as a courtesy, but I use SparkPeople to find it and am not certain of its accuracy.

I am a fledgling cottage foods baker in California. I want to control the ingredients I use, so I went looking for a recipe for bean cereal that I can use in my other concoctions. No corn syrup, yay!

Great ideas, Julie, and great writing. Hope you love it, Julianne! OH so good though! I got up this morning and decided to give my kids cereal for breakfast.

Read through the ingredients of the three store-bought cereals my husband brought home. Two had corn syrup and the third had BHT in the packaging. I had to pick what I felt was the least chemicaled and the lesser of three evils.

Breakfast, but it did prompt a question:. Do you think the Bran Flakes would stay fresh longer if they were kept in the fridge after they cooled? You can certainly give it a try maybe even freezing the flakes? If you try it, let me know. Wow, the bran flakes making sounds so very interesting.

The first bake is really dehydrating it to a layer that you can then bake and crisp, and perhaps for that step you could try another cooking method, but at that point the oven also seems easiest!

Hi Julie; well I have never commented on a site before but there is always a first time — just like making your own bran cereal!

I love a little crunch with my fruit and hate what they put in cereals so decided to give this a try. Thank you so, so much. I would like to know what you think of using coconut flour instead.

Do you think it would absorb the milk and water too much and make it pasty? Thank you once again. If you try, please let me know! Thanks Julie, my second attempt was using a mixture of unsweetened coconut, brown rice flour, rye flakes and plain flour to make up the one cup of dry ingredients and then added the remainder of your recipe.

I also took a suggestion from another reader and put in 2 TB of maple syrup instead of the sugar plus 1 tsp of vanilla in the milk. The flakes turned out wonderful and it just goes to show you there are endless possibilities to this recipe. No more store bought cereal for me! I am so glad I found this site.

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